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Post name:Reserve technical engineer

Salary: negotiable

Location: Chongqing - Chongqing - Jiulongpo District

Department: Technology Department

Recruitment number: 1

Nature of work: full-time

Years of service: unlimited

Education: undergraduate


Job Responsibilities:

1. Sound and light product design and development, the company's government, science and technology committee and other related projects.

2. Provide technical support to the sales department;

3. Assist the production and commissioning of the production department and provide technical support;

4. Other technical work arranged by the company.
job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in optoelectronic technology, electronic information, instrumentation, etc.;

2, work seriously, positive; reliable, trustworthy, focus on quality, excellence; have a good professional theoretical knowledge, good moral character, hard work, organizational discipline, and cheerful personality

3, have a strong ability to learn and the spirit of hard work, strong hands-on ability

Graduates with a bachelor's degree or above are preferred and can accept outstanding graduates. The company provides professional learning and training opportunities, aiming to cultivate high-tech talents in the field of laser technology and develop together with the company.

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