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Sales Department

Post name: Sales Engineer

Salary: negotiable

Location: Chongqing - Chongqing - Jiulongpo District

Department: Sales Department

Number of recruiters: 2

Nature of work: full-time

Years of service: unlimited

Education: undergraduate


Work content:

- Responsible for the prediction and development of the sound and light products market, planning and implementation, customer communication and coordination; - undertaking various business indicators, such as sales volume, accounts receivable, etc.;

- Responsible for the establishment, integration and management of sales networks within the region;

- Other tasks assigned by the company and cooperation with various departments.

Education background: Undergraduate degree, (excellent conditions can be appropriately relaxed). Control technology and instrumentation, optics, automation, and mechatronics are preferred.

Experience: Experience in sound and light technology, sensors, etc. is preferred, and new graduates can be accepted.

Skills and Skills: Have strong learning ability; strong public relations ability, strong adaptability, and quick adaptability; can adapt to business trips.

◆ Work conscientiously, positively, have a strong sense of responsibility, and be good at communication;

◆ Good interpersonal communication and coordination skills, good at teamwork;

◆ Can work hard and bear a lot of work pressure

◆ dare to challenge high salary

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