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Free Space Acousto-Optic Devices

The standard free space acoustooptic modulator is used for digital or analog intensity modulation of laser beam. The main technical parameters are as follows:

Free space acoustooptic modulator

Wavelength range: 240nm to 2100nm

Drive frequency: 20MHz to 350MHz

Optical rise time: 5ns

Modulation bandwidth: up to 100MHz

Working medium: tellurium dioxide, lead molybdate, fused quartz, quartz crystal, flint glass

Using digital RF driver, external control TTL signal can quickly switch the laser beam; Using analog RF driver, the ratio of output laser power to input laser power can be adjusted, and the typical adjustment range is 0% to 85%. The maximum modulation bandwidth or optical rise time is a function of the time of ultrasonic passing through the laser beam. Therefore, in order to obtain the fastest speed, the laser beam is generally focused on the smallest spot in the modulator.

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