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Optical fiber acoustooptic device is an all-optical fiber acoustooptic device made according to the interaction theory of optical fiber acoustooptic wave and optical wave. It is similar to the operation principle of surface wave acoustooptic device and body wave acoustooptic device mentioned above. The acoustooptic interaction medium of optical fiber acoustooptic devices is usually multimode fiber (usually dual-mode), so this kind of device is called optical fiber acoustooptic device. There are two basic physical elements that constitute the optical fiber acoustooptic device. One is to excite the elastic wave propagating along the optical fiber, and the other is that the optical fiber waveguide should be able to support the two waveguide modes of optical energy conversion. If the beat length and acoustic wave length between the two guided modes meet the resonance condition (Bragg condition), it is possible to use the acoustooptic effect in the fiber waveguide to realize the power coupling between the two guided modes and form the required acoustooptic devices.

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