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2019 Xi'an Cold Atomic Physics Conference, a wonderful moment you can't miss.



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How to select the appropriate photodetector?

According to the working principle and structure, photodetectors are generally divided into photoelectric detectors and thermoelectric detectors. Photoelectric detectors include vacuum photoelectric devices (photomultiplier tubes, etc.) and solid photoelectric detectors (photodiodes, photoconductive detectors, CCD, etc.).


Basic principle of acoustooptic modulator

Acousto-optic modulator is a device that can control the power, frequency or spatial direction of laser beam by using electronic driving signal. It uses the acoustooptic effect, that is, the refractive index is changed by the mechanical oscillation pressure of the sound wave.


The 15th China International Semiconductor Lighting Forum and 2018 International Third Generation Semiconductor Forum opened in Shenzhen

In the afternoon of October 23, 2018, the 15th China International Semiconductor Lighting Forum and 2018 International Third Generation Semiconductor Forum Opening Conference was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center; With the theme of "creating core, gathering intelligence and sharing ecology", the conference attracted the active participation of experts and scholars from domestic and overseas semiconductor lighting, the third generation of semiconductors and related fields, enterprise leaders, industry organization leaders and relevant government officials, and jointly discussed the development of the industry.


Shangmao Technology invites you to participate in the Shanghai Optical Expo in Munich

On July 3-5, 2020, Shangmao Technology will display high-performance optical fiber acoustooptic modulator, acoustooptic adjustable filter, acoustooptic driver and other acoustooptic products at the 8.1E432 booth in the 8.1 Pavilion, as well as optical passive devices such as ring and isolator for the first time. We look forward to your visit and negotiation!


Notice of Holiday in 2020 Rat Year

Notice of Holiday in 2020 Rat Year


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